The business employs mainly family and has been in operation now for five years. During that time it has developed firstly in Kiribati, then moving into Nauru and over the past two years is now venturing into Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and are establishing a client base in these countries.

Over the last two years we have established links with numerous businesses in Singapore, China and Indonesia and represent and promote their products in the Pacific and Australia.

The business started initially in supplying general cargo and reconditioned 205 litre drums but has now expanded into new specialized 205 litre steel drums, stainless steel drums, food lines, oxygen generating plants, welding equipment, plywood, telecommunication towers, aluminium boats, outboard motors and float glass which are as a result of a demand from many clients for these products.

We have found in the Pacific, that there is a time lag between first establishing contact with clients and initial orders being received. We believe that this lag is to establish whether your business is going to continue servicing the country visited as frequently sales representatives do not return to follow up initial contacts.

Once this service has been established efficient service and pricing will ensure continuing orders.